All of the puppies here at Unforgettable Maltese are AKC (American Kennel Club) purebred, with certificates of Pedigree, showing the immediate relatives of our breed. The American Kennel Club is the Authority on dog breeds and standard and should not be confused with other registries, such as the CKC, APR or DRA. If a puppy is AKC registered, this assures you that all of your puppies relatives, as far back as AKC records go, are of the same breed. AKC records can date back as far as the 1800’s.

We pride ourselves on offering the happiest, healthiest puppies available. We continually work on improving breed quality through better genetics and nutrition by working closely with veterinarians. Each puppy receives multiple comprehensive exams and has met all criteria for health and breed standards. Each puppy is Vet certified healthy and we recommend you have your new addition micro chipped for identification incase your pet was ever to get lost or stolen.

We have already started with routine vaccinations, de-worming, premium puppy foods and nutritional supplements to insure the utmost health of the puppy. All of our puppies are examined by a Board Certified Veterinarian prior to their arrival to their new home and should be again examined by another Vet of your choice before you make them a member of your new family. This is done to protect you, so that there are no unforeseen problems with the new addition.

Our puppies are very happy, healthy and well socialized in our loving home. They thrive on interaction with people of all ages and they enjoy playing with each other. This is a very important part of development, keeping the puppies happy and socially adjusted.

What you get with an Unforgettable puppy:

All of our puppies have a complete vaccination record and a 4-generation pedigree.

We also give an extensive health warranty, one of the best offered anywhere.

Here are the things to ask, and see proof of, when shopping around for a puppy and where to locate the info:

Where did this puppy come from? Available on the breeders shot records and family tree present on the pedigree.

Is it a purebred puppy? AKC certificate of Pedigree should be available. DNA #’s available on pedigree paper.

Does it come with a warranty and what is it? See your sales contract.

Does the person selling it know what they are talking about? Inform yourself on a few key points of the breed from different reliable sources and ask those questions that you already know the answers to.

Was the puppy raised on premium puppy food?

Is the bloodline tested for hereditary diseases?

Has the puppy been vaccinated and Vet checked on schedule?

Is the puppy and it’s housing and play area clean?

Does the puppy seem happy, playful and alert?

Does it comply with breed standards?

If you answered no to any of the preceding, then I can assure you that you are not getting the same thing for your money that you will from us and you should question whether or not this is how you want to begin your lifelong relationship with a new puppy.