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After years of careful study and meticulous breeding, we have developed a selective and discriminatin

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CH. Coquet's Jeweled Trinket

CH. Coquet's Diamonds 'N Pearls

CH. Unforgettable's Ambrose Building Block

CH. Rhapsody's Remarkable

CH. TNT&Marcris&Seaside's A Summer Place

Unforgettable's Dressed to Chill

Unforgettable's Radiant Crystal

Divine's Unforgettable Hope

Unforgettable's Jaded Envy

Unforgettable's License to Love

Angel's Unforgettable Splash in the Rain

Coquet's Southern Scoundrel

Coquet's License to Drive

CH. Marcris Class Act

CH. Marcris Smarty Pants

Rhapsody's Jazz

Angel's Unforgettable Enchanted Dream

Unforgettable's Miss Me

Unforgettable's Lulu's Back in Town

Unforgettable's Honey Jack


40th AMA National Specialty - 2005

40th AMA National Sweepstakes - 2005

42nd AMA National Specialty - 2007

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43rd AMA National Specialty - 2008

43rd AMA National Specialty - 2008

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48th AMA Specialty 2013

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Anderson, SC 2006

Anderson, SC 2007

Asheville, NC 2006

Asheville, NC 2008

Atlanta, GA 2006

Atlanta, Ga Aug 2006

Atlanta, GA - Sept 2006

Atlanta, GA- Winter 2007

Atlanta, GA - Fall 2007

Atlanta, GA - Aug 2008

Atlanta, GA - Cherokee Rose 08

Atlanta, GA 2009 / Winter

Cherokee Rose / Atlanta, GA 2009

Augusta, GA 2007

Chattanooga, TN 2005

Chattanooga, TN 2007

Charleston, SC 2007

Charleston, SC 2008

Columbia, SC 2005

Columbia, SC 2006

Columbia, SC 2009

Concord, NC 2007

Farmington, GA 2009

Franklin, TN 2006

Gray, TN 2006

Gray, TN 2008

Greensboro, SC 2008

Greensboro, NC 2008 - Furniture City Cluster

Greenville, SC 2007

Greenville, SC 2008

Harriman, TN 2006

Kennesaw, GA 2005

Kennesaw, GA 2006

Kennesaw, GA 2007

Kennesaw, GA 2008

Knoxville, TN 2007

Lumberton, NC 2007

Lumberton, NC 2008

Montgomery, AL 2006

Montgomery, AL 2007

Montgomery, AL 2008

Murfreesboro, TN 2007

Newnan, GA 2006

Newnan, GA 2008

North Augusta, SC 2006

Oak Ridge, TN 2007

Oak Ridge, TN 2008

Perry, GA 2005

Perry, GA 2006

Perry, GA May 2007

Perry, GA 2007

Perry, GA 2009

Piedmont, NC 2008

Priceville, AL 2005

Raleigh, NC 2006

Raleigh, NC 2008

Wilmington, NC 2005


Coquet Maltese

Mystique Maltese

Tiffanee Maltese